How to care for your jewelry

How to care for your new jewelry:

  • We recommend removing your jewelry before showering, swimming, sleeping, or doing any activity where your jewelry may get caught or pulled. If your jewelry is entirely gold filled, it is safe to wear in the shower! However, please be aware that soap and shampoo residue may dull or eventually damage gold filled pieces over time. 
  • Cleaning your jewelry with a soft cloth before storing is recommended. Chemical jewelry cleaners or harsh jewelry cloths are not recommended for regular use. However, these should be fine for occasional cleaning. Just make sure to use products that are designed for cleaning gold. 
  • Warm water and a little Dawn dish soap is also great for cleaning gold filled jewelry! Just be sure it is completely dry before storing. 
  • Please store your gold filled pieces away from anything that may scratch your jewelry.  Scratch can not be removed from gold filled because doing so would also remove the gold layer and may expose the brass core. 
  • Please also remove your jewelry before using perfume, lotions, and other similar products. We also recommend removing your jewelry before swimming in a pool or hot tub.
  • Any pieces with gold plated or vermeil charms should not be in contact with water. Also, please do not use cleaning cloths or chemicals on these pieces.


What if my jewelry breaks?

  • Our chains are strong enough for average wear, but are still delicate. The links may get stretched or broken if pulled or caught or something. Please be mindful of your jewelry when wearing. 
  • We can not be responsible for broken jewelry. We are not responsible for jewelry that breaks or bends due to wear or misuse by the customer. We are not responsible for lost jewelry. 
  • We do offer repairs for broken chains. Please contact us for pricing. Be sure to include a picture of the broken jewelry. This is done on a case by case basis.
  • Each piece is inspected before being shipped, but occasionally there might be weak link or something else that we may miss. If your chain breaks within 14 days of delivery and is not due to being pulled, please contact us! 
  • If your clasp breaks within six months of purchase, please email us. 
  • Earrings will come with several silicone stoppers. We recommend using these to help prevent loosing earrings when being worn. We are not responsible for any damage to earrings or caused by earrings. For example, earrings getting caught on something when being worn. Please always be mindful of any jewelry you are wearing and remove before any activity where jewelry may get caught, broken and/or cause damage of any kind.