How do you pronounce VOULEZ and what does it mean?!

Voulez is the French verb meaning “want” or “to want”. It is a little tricky, but pronounced more like “voo-lay”. 


Is Voulez jewelry hypoallergenic?

  • 14k gold filled is considered hypoallergenic and can be worn by most people with metal allergies. However, some people who are highly sensitive to metals can still react when wearing gold filled. Please use caution and discontinue wearing any jewelry that is uncomfortable in any way to you. 

Note:  Sometimes people who are sensitive to metals can wear gold filled necklaces comfortably, but may still react with gold filled earrings. 

  • Some of our gold filled earrings are hand cut and hand bent from a piece of wire, which exposes the brass core and the end of the earring. These types of earrings (our hand hammered wire hoops, threader styles, and some posts) may not be suitable for people with brass allergies. This will be noted in the item description. 
  • We occasionally use 18k gold plated charms or vermeil stone settings in some of our designs. These will be noted in the item description and may not be suitable for people with metal sensitivities. Please do not wear any gold plated or vermeil pieces in the shower.


VOULEZ JEWELRY IS NOT MADE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS OLD. Our jewelry should not be put into your mouth. Please do not let babies or children put Voulez jewelry into their mouths. Be mindful of your jewelry around young children and babies as small parts can become loose and become a choking hazard. 


How long will it take to receive my order? 

  • Most of our jewelry is made to order! Please allow me time to make and process your order. This is usually about 2-4 business days, but will be longer during busy times, such as before holidays or after a sale. Current processing times will be in the announcement bar at the very top of the home page. This does not include time in transit. Our jewelry ships from Utah.
  • PLEASE make sure your address is correct BEFORE submitting your order! 
  • Priority Mail can be purchases at checkout! These orders will be made and processed as quickly as possible. 
  • Once your package is in possession of the USPS, it is out of my control. I can not be responsible for lost or mis-delivered packages. If this does happen to your order, please contact me and I will help as much as I can on a case by case basis. 



Purchasing a gift?

  • All Voulez jewelry come packaged in a gift box OR a jewelry bag. If multiple items are ordered, I may package them in the same box or bag. If you need items to be packaged in separate jewelry boxes or jewelry bags, please include a note at checkout. I'm also happy to include a gift message as well! Please leave this message in a note at checkout or email me within 24 hours. Be sure to include your order number.


What length necklace should I order? 

  • The most common chain length is 18" long. For many average sized and petite women, a 16" chain will rest at or just below the collarbone. This is a great length for layering chains or for necklaces with smaller discs or stones. However, this length may be too small for people with larger necks or plus sized women. An 18" chain is a standard length for most women, however some women with larger necks may prefer a 20" chain. 
  • Necklace chains are measured end to end. 



Is hand stamping the same as engraving?

  • No! It is actually a very different process. I only do hand stamping. While some engraving is done by hand, most is done with lasers or other machines. Since engraving is usually done by machines, it is very precise and even. Hand stamping has a more organic feel and will not be as precise or even. Engraving on gold filled also removes a very tiny amount of the outside layer of gold. Stamping creates an indentation in the surface of the disc or bar and does not remove any of the gold content.
  • Hand stamping is done using a metal stamp, bench block, and a heavy hammer. Each letter or image stamp is placed by hand on the disc. I don’t use machines to place the stamps, so each stamped disc is unique and may differ just slightly from the disc pictured. Since everything is done by hand, spacing between letters will not be perfect. Also, some stamps indent deeper than others. 
  • The stamped image is not darkened in any way. The effect is subtle and beautiful!
  • Please be aware that hand stamping will not be as perfect as engraving. However, I am a perfectionist and would never send you a piece that I felt did not meet my standards, or was not as close as possible to the item shown in the listing picture. 


Do you do custom orders?

Sometimes! Please email me (Melissa) if you are interested in a custom order. You can find the email form in the “contact us” page. Thanks!

I’m not taking orders for custom stamped names, words, or dates at the moment. 



Do you make jewelry for children?

No! Voulez jewelry contains small parts and is not meant to be worn by small children or babies.

Our stud earrings are made for adults and teens and are not meant to be worn by babies. Thank you!

Please be aware that chains can be broken if they are pulled or get caught on something. Please be mindful when wearing your jewelry around small children and do not let them put your jewelry in their mouths. Some of our earrings are handmade with wire and can bend if not handled with care.